ORGANS Tri-Gas Mixers


Automatic CO2 / O2 / N2 mixer
  • Automatic O₂ / CO₂/ N₂ Gas mixing and supply system.
  • Uses a PID control system for precise control of the O₂ and CO₂ concentrations.
  • Produces mixed gas from 100% CO₂, 100% O₂ and 100% N₂ gas cylinders.
  • Produces very low concentrations of O₂ mixed gas (min. 0.2% ~ 20%)
  • Uses fine solenoid valves.
  • Has a reservoir for gas ripening.
  • It is possible to regulate the concentration, program concentration gradients and record the gas concentrations over time using CCP ver 3.8 software or MetaMorph software.
  • LCI will custom-make the FC-7 which can adjust higher flow rate of mixed gas and composition of O₂.

Sensor O  HS-1 O₂ sensor
CO  NDIR CO₂ sensor
Control range O   0.2 ~20 %
CO  1 ~ 20 %
N  Max 200 ml/min
Control  method O   PID, solenoid valve
CO  PID, solenoid valve
N Analogue flow meter (or MFC)

Model No. Product

FC-R-30   FC-7 (Automatic CO2 / O / N2 mixer)

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